UC Berkeley

Bradley M. Froehle

Ph.D., Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley


I’m currently working on high-order methods for solving fluid-structure interaction problems. The fluid, modeled using the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, is generally discretized usign a high-order discontinous Galerkin arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (DG-ALE) method. A variety of structures have been investigated including rigid airfoils, non-linear membranes, and thin hyperelastic structures.

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Open Source Software Contributions

I have contributed code and bug fixes to numerous open source software projects including: IPythonCythonmatplotlibCPythonDrupalApachephpCASPHPOctaveSymPyHomebrewDebianMacPortsCyanogenModHTML Purifier.


Spring 2010

Fall 2010

  • Research
    • Time periodic solutions of axially vibrating rubber bands.
  • Engineering 266A – Finite Difference Methods for Fluid Dynamics – P. Colella

Spring 2010

  • Research
    • Automated quadrature rules for prespecified families of functions
    • High order methods for Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert and similar equations

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

Other Activities

I was an officer in the Mathematics Graduate Student Association from 2008—2010.

I was the MGSA appointee to the department’s Computer Committee for the 2008-2009 school year. In Fall 2008 I surveyed other graduate students in the department and wrote a report outlining the status of the current computing infrastructure.

In 2008 I helped run Many Cheerful Facts, a series of weekly talks given by graduate students and aimed at a general mathematics audience.

I’m one of the delegates from the Mathematics Department to the Graduate Assembly, the graduate student government at University of California, Berkeley. I formerly chaired the Environmental Sustainability Committee and Technology Committee. I currently chair the Communications Committee.

In October 2009 I was appointed by Councilmember Jesse Arreguin (Berkeley, District 4) to the City of Berkeley Transportation Commission.

Elsewhere on the Internet

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  • I received my Bachelor Science in Mathematics (summa cum laude) and Physics (high distinction) from the University of Minnesota in May 2007.
  • Check out my CV or resume for more information.
  • My Erdős number is currently 6. It should drop soon.

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